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I have spent many years researching the Eggleston family, from our earliest roots in America to more recent generations. The result was a lengthy book published in 2010. Since then, as anticipated, new discoveries have been made and insights gained through the increase in information available, especially online. Rather than print a revised book or even an addendum, I will post corrections, additional information, and new discoveries here on this site. On this site I will be able to post copies of documents and other source information with additional details.

I will also share what I have learned from my journey of discovery – experiences and lessons – as I have searched, studied and pondered about ancestors, considering why they did what they did within the perspective of their time and place and how their lives have influenced the family and myself.

You will not find a genealogy database here, but rather photos, documents and writings about my family. I intend to include documents, photographs and stories contributed by other family members. Hopefully, it will become an archive of historical information for my family to come to know and remember our ancestors.

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  1. I wonder if in your research you have identified actual documentation regarding the wife of Asa Eggleston who is supposedly Content Hadsell daughter of James Hadsell of the Wyoming Valley Massacre who first married Ebenezer Reynolds? Although I have Hadsell and Eggleston in my ancestry, this is not my direct line. But I am curious because I descend from Jonathan Reynolds, younger brother of Ebenezer Reynolds who Content Hadsell married in 1787 (marriage recorded in Barbour VR Preston). In the Reynolds Family Association Book, this couple had 4 known children and appear to have moved back to Connecticut proper after Luzerne, PA was determined by Continental Congress to belong to PA not CT. Ebenezer Reynolds with appropriate age and gender in the household is in the 1800 and 1820 census back home in Preston and then Griswold which was carved out of Preston CT. Two of their children were traced with a bit of detail and both appeared to have stayed in the eastern CT area that borders on RI and no evidence I’ve found that this family went to NY. Yet supposedly this same woman m. Asa Eggleston in 1786 and had children from 1787-1814 in New York. There are other Hadsell people in NY who might have been her family especially since spellings and handwritten words varied. But what is the theory of how this woman went from the massacre to NY? She wouldn’t have traveled alone? She couldn’t have been married to two different men at the same time in two different states in areas that are a good distance apart having children with both different men at the same time. Any thoughts?

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