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One of the joys of my family history journey has been connecting with cousins along the way. I am indebted to many for sharing information that helped me put together a rather comprehensive account of the family history. I know there are more pieces of the family puzzle out there – some have documents, articles, photographs, journals and other information. If you have or find something of value to the family, please share with me and I can post to share with the rest of the family.

I firmly believe that historical information, especially family history information is not something that can be “owned” by individuals. It does not enrich an individual to hoard documents, stories, photographs or historical objects. But it does enrich the entire family to share those things. If you possess any heirlooms or objects related to our ancestors, you may keep (and hopefully preserve) those, but please share digital photographs of objects and especially the stories about them and what they mean to the family.

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