Doc’s Memories of Dad and Mom

Dad was born in Eden, but because his Father had three wives, to avoid problems, he moved to Grover in Star Valley Wyoming where Dad was raised. Besides farming Dad got several other jobs. One was taking the mail from Idaho over Teton Pass into Jackson. He also worked on the Hoback road into Jackson. There were several people Homesteading and creating a road that became Mormon Row. It was over a ridge by Moose Junction. In 1896 the Government granted homesteads on that road. I have Dad’s Homestead deed signed by President Wilson. Dad’s Uncle Jacob Johnson Homesteaded next door to him. His uncle’s twin brother Ephraim built a saw mill in Wilson Wyoming and provided lumber for them to build. Dad started to build before he got the Homestead papers. He built a barn and started a house. Mother’s family had settled in South Park in Jackson Hole and Dad and Mother got together there. They went either by buggy or horse back to get married in the Salt Lake Temple. That was quite a trip.


Wedding Photo of Joseph and Cuma Eggleston

On Mormon Row they were active in the Church. Dad was president of the Sunday School and Mother played the piano and was Relief Society President. Dad and his Uncle dug a well and built a canal to get water on their farms. In addition to farming Dad did construction work and also fed the Elk on the Jackson Elk Farm. The first four children of our family were born there on Mormon Row. Alice made friends with the Moultons and corresponded with them for many years. Moulton’s barn is the famous barn in pictures of Jackson Hole.

1999 cabin3

Remains of Joe’s original cabin in 1999

In 1919 Dad sold the farm to Chambers and moved back to Eden where he bought the farm where the other children were born. His Grandmother Johnson was still living in Eden. Her house was right behind the Church house, the farm was down an alley almost half a mile east of the house. He dug a well and built a basement in the house. He also got, in the late 1930’s, the milk route for Eden and later Liberty. So we ended up with two trucks. Dad’s first car was a Maxwell. I never saw it running but we played in it in the barn. I was brought home from the hospital in it when I was born, but I do not remember riding in it. Dad was a good man and a hard worker but he had one problem, He believed in Proverbs where it said “Spare the rod and you spoil the child”. This created problems between the kids and his wife.

Joe & Cuma

Joe and Cuma


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  1. Great blog, Karen. I love your use of photos and links. Thanks for putting this together. I look forward to more posts.

  2. Thank you for doing this. Since my siblings and I grew up in California, we didn’t get to know Grandpa Eggleston very well. Dad rarely went with us to Utah, so most of our trips were to Mom’s side of the family. I’ve heard some of this information before, from my dad, but it’s great to read it. Your dad is such a good storyteller.

  3. Nice job Karen. I like the name – Stark Realities. Keep up the great work. You are amazing!

  4. Karen,

    I am writing through my tears!
    I googled my grandmother, Stella Eggleston, and also my great grand mother, Talitha, and I found this!!!

    So exciting, can you please send me any other lnks, please!

    My name is Diane Robinson
    My dad was Lawrence Dell Robinson
    Grandma Stella was married to Orin Robinson prior to marrying my Grandpa Eggleston.

    Any genealogy would be dearly appreciated! Thank you.

    Sincerely, Diane

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