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01-24-01 - Dale Eggleston




Dale went to the same schools that the others had attended, Eden Elementary, Huntsville Junior High and Weber High School. In Junior high Dale played Father’s violin( I do not know what happened to it).

Dale Melvin orchestra

Dale on far left with violin. Mel is standing with a tuba

Dale’s school was uneventful and shortly after his graduation he was drafted in the Army. He was trained in Mississippi, then sent to England where they were trained for the Invasion of Europe. He landed in France D+3 and when they got in the hedgerow country in France he was hit by a sniper and broke his leg. He was returned home and discharged.

SOE Photo Journal page 44 of 58 (8)



01-24-05 - Melvin and Dale

Melvin and Dale

01-24-04 - Dale and Melvin

Dale and Melvin












01-24-03 - Dale with Buddies

Dale with his buddies celebrating their discharge from the Army

01-24-03 - back story

This is the story written on the back of the photo.












01-24-02 - Dale with Lee (who was out of the Navy because he was too young)

Dale with Lee




Dale with Step-brothers Dell, LeGrand and Lee Robinson










I got the impression from him that he felt the world owed him a living and he was going to collect it. He really never did have a serious job. (This letter gives some insight into Dale’s feelings)

Dale letter p1Dale letter p2



Dale letter p3Dale letter p4















Dale married two older women.


01-24-06 - Dale and Betty

Dale with his wife Betty

Dale was still married when he let cancer go without treating it and it took his life.



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