Records of the First Baptist Church of Marcellus, New York

The records of the First Baptist Church of Marcellus, are a treasure to our Eggleston family. The records start about 1807. The Articles of Faith and Covenant are not dated. The records mention baptisms of some of these members, so the Church may have been meeting and having baptisms before writing and signing the official Articles and Covenant.

On my 2001 visit to Marcellus, I was allowed to make photocopies of some of the records. I copied all the membership lists we found.

The title page of the records of this church reads:

Church Book for the first Baptist Church in Marcellus

How good & how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in Unity. . .
Tis like the oil that was poured upon [Our Savior’s] head that ran down to the skirt of his garment

How beautious are their feet
Who stand on Zion’s hill
Who bring salvation on their tongues
And words of peace reveal

Church Articles of faith & practice

1st We believe in God the Father, Son & Holy Ghost as one God, though three in Office, Eternal, Unchangeable, and everywhere present God who hath made all things for his own glory.
2nd We believe that the Scriptures of the old and new Testaments are the revealed word of God and are the only rule of Faith and practice.
3rd We believe that God made man upright but that they have sought out many in[tentions] and fallen from their first rectitude into an estate of sin and total moral depravity, and as such are justly under the condemnation of Gods laws.
4th We believe that God in his own self-moving goodness gave his only begotten son to be a mediator between God and man, who gave himself a ransom for all to be testified in due time.
5th We believe that God chose the bride of Christ in Him, from before the foundation of the World, and that He will by his own Almighty power call, regenerate, sanctify & justify them by his grace unto Eternal Glory.

6th We believe in the institution of external water baptism which [shall] only be administered by immersion.
7th We believe that none but such as are believers in Christ and real saints and baptized by Immersion and in membership with some Church have a right to the Lord’s supper.
8th We believe that the Church is a body of real saints who are united in the bonds of the Gospel and whose external practices agree with the word of God.

9th We believe in the death and resurrection of the body, both of the just and unjust and that they shall all appear before the bar of God to be judged & rewarded according to the deeds done in the body.
10th We believe that the first day of the week ought to be improved in holy exercise & worship towards God, and that men ought not to forsake the assembling of themselves together as the manner of some is.
11th We believe it is the duty of every head of a family to worship God in their families both by prayer & thanksgiving.
12th We believe the Lord’s supper is an institution of Christ, and ought to be attended to by his Church until he come.
13th We believe that it is the duty of the members of the Church to communicate of their substance by Equality for the help of the Minister the relief of the poor of the Church and the necessary use of the Church as God in (h)is providence shall call.

The Covenant

We the visible members of the Church of Christ in this place fully & severally fellowship the above said articles of Faith and enter into Covenant with God and each other in the fear of the Lord to watch over and call after each other for good and as much as in us lies by God’s help to promote the public cause of Christ & religion before saint and sinner as directed by the word of God and as he by his grace shall assist us.

Signers of the Covenant:

The Brethren & Sisters Names

Eld Elias H. Harmon   1                                Ruth Harmon   1
Samuel Conklin      2                                   Betsy Conklin   2
Deacn John Kneeland   3                            Sally Kneeland    3(Dis)
Deacn Nathan Thompson     4                    Zipporah Thompson   4
John Manley       5                                       Freelove Collins   5 (Disd)
Jesse Manley    6  (Exd)                               Polly Randall    6
William Collins   7  (Exd)                             Anner Harvey    7
Warren Kneeland    8 (Disd)                        Lois Glezen (Dis)
Amasa Kneeland      9                                 Sally Van Benscoten    8
Ebenezer Lewis       10                                Sabra Chapel    9
Alpheus Winchester   11 (Exd)                   Amy Harris  10   (Dis)
Chancy Deming     12                               Miriam Raymond   11
Daniel Cody    13                                        Hannah Wentworth    12
Cryil Johnson    14                                      Eunice Pachard   13
Joseph Humphrey    15 (Exd)                     Lydia Glezen   14
Thomas Tanner  16  (Exd)                           Sally Smith    15
David Robbins  17                                      Rebecca Graham   16
Isaac Mills  18                                             Polly Raymond    17
Joshua Chandler  19                                   Jerusha Taylor   18
John Egleston   20 (Exd)                             Satira Butler    19   (Dis)
Samuel Egleston    21                                 Hannah Chandler    20
Nathan Egleston   22                                  Polly Mills    21
Amasa Sessions    23                                  Hannah Manley    22
Thomas King   24  (Exd)                              Lydia Chapman    23

Thomas Berry  25 (Did)                               Hannah Freeman     24  (Dis)
William Foster    26  (End)                           Lucy Chena    25
William Eldridge    27                                  Abigail Hunt      26
Luther Manley Junr     28                            Martha Chapman    27
Elisha Freeman     29 (Dis)                            Rebecca Burgess     28
John Babcock     30                                    Olive Fitzgerald     29
James Avery    31                                       Polly Coon    30
Salmon Hunt    32                                      Mary Robbins    31

David Fitzgerald     33                                Elizabeth Egleston    32

Daniel Mingus     34 (Exd)                          Hannah Humphrey     33

Jonas Barteas    35 (Exd)                             Betsy Johnson     34

Isiah Zade Butler   36 (Disd)                       Deborah Benson      35

Peter W. Harris     37 (Dis)                          Prudence Benson     36

Aaron Bailey    38  (Dis)                              Sally Winchester    37

Rufus Br. Anthony     39  (Exd)                    Ruth Bearss    38
Jeremiah Fitzgerald      40                          Abigail Freeman    39  (Dis)
Amasa Chapman     41                               Betsy Fitzgerald     40
John Hunt                                                   Susanna Fitzgerald    41
Elhanan Winchester    42  (Ex )                   Lois Lewis      42
William Hunt    43                                      Polly Cody     43

Hannah Cody     44

Phoda Briggs      45
Wealthy Winchester     46
Sally Winchester wife of Elhanan Winchester 47
Marget Mingus    48
Sister Cynthia Otis     49
Aida Inkum      50
Ruth Sister King     51
Anna Sister Earl       52

The Brethren                                              Sisters Names

Joshua Covey     44  (Ex)                               Sister Anna Manley wife of Deacn Jesse Manley
Ephraim Robbins     45                                  Bets A. Berry (crossed out)    53
Elijah Hall    46                                               Miss Holmes     54
John King   47  (Dis)                                       Alethea Redway     55
Wm Tupper    48 (D )                                     Elizabeth Toppiff     56
Winthrop Graham     49 (Did)                        Lydia Chapman wife of Amasa Chapman     57
Zacok Randall    50   (Ex)                               Susanna Chamblain      58
Justus Blakely    51  (Dea)                              Dinah Berry     59
James [Richards?]    52(Ex )                           Anna Bracket     60
Henry Wentworth    53 (Ex)                           Sally Hall    61
Jedediah Johnson   54  (Disd)                       Sister Hall wife of I Hall    62
Azariah Barber   55  (Disd)                            Olive Smith    63  (Ex)
Eliph Clark    56 (Dis)                                     Sister Ammadon     64
Wyllis Brown     57  (Disd)                             Hannah Church      65
Henry Ammadon    58                                   Polly Manley     66
Isaac Hall    59                                               Sister Porter     67
Harrison Church    60                                    Susannah Gibbs    67
Joshua B. Bearss    61 (Exd)                           Sally Manley     68
Calvin Manley    62                                        Susanna Hiscock    69
Simeon Skeels    63                                       Sila Sessions    70   (De)
Thadeus L. Hurd    64                                    Perdy Hunt
James Green    65                                          Sarah Sabin   71
William Cotton     66                                     Caty Church     72
Bailey    67                                                     Sarah Collins    73  (Dis)
Silas Church    68                                           Rebecca Clark     74  (Dis)
Charles Richards     69                                   Elizabeth Wood    75   (Disd)
Jareb Green    70                                           Elizabeth Hamilton
Thomas Marsh     71                                      Sarah Collins    77 (Crossed out)
Wyllis Manley    72                                        Sabrina Deming    78

Molly Smith     79

Thankful Berry     80
Phebe Sessions      81
Eleanor Fairbanks     82
Eunice Brown     83
Ruthanne Hurd

There is no date on this document. It is placed in the records after entries dated November 1809 (p. 32) and the following page has the date Nov. 10th 1809. Articles of Faith and practice on pages 33 and 34. List of Brethren and Sisters names are on pages 35 and 36. It appears that page numbers were added later. There are numbers written after each name—the men totaling 72 and the women 84, though there are a few women’s names without a number. Some of the names have an abbreviated notation before or after the name Ex, End, Dis. I have added these in parentheses after the name. Where there are two notations, one was before the name. It appears these were added later. Also some of the names may have been added later as Thomas Marsh and Wyllys Manly at the end of the Brethren list joined the church in 1811.

Eggleston Family Members among the Covenant Members

This lists Brethren on the left and Sisters on the right. Probably at some later time, someone wrote numbers after the names, which is helpful. I have no idea of the reason for the order in which members are listed. Many of the names are familiar to me after studying Marcellus census and land records. At different times I have been able to make additional connections and identification of people on this list.

Thomas Tanner is #16 on the men’s list. He came to Marcellus very early with his first wife Phebe Eggleston. She was a daughter of Samuel and Rebecca Eggleston. After Phebe died, Thomas married her sister Karen Eggleston.

John Eggleston is #20. This would be the John Eggleston who owned land along the lake. After he and his wife Rachel sold this land in 1817, I  don’t know where they went. They had sold land in Argyle, Washington County, NY before coming to Marcellus. It is very likely that John was a son of Samuel and Rebecca, but I have not been able to confirm that.

Samuel Eggleston follows John at #21. This would be Samuel Jr., the son of Samuel and Rebecca.

Next is Nathan Eggleston #22. Samuel Eggleston Sr. sold land to Nathan for “love and affection to my son”.

Joshua Covey is #44. He was married to Coran/Karen Eggleston, the daughter of Joseph Eggleston and Coran, and sister of Rebecca, Samuel’s wife.

Simeon Skeels is #63. He was the father of Isaac Skeels, who later married Anna Eggleston, the daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth Hill Eggleston.

Thomas Marsh is #71. He married Lucy Eggleston, another daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth.

On the Sister’s side Elizabeth Eggleston, most likely Samuel Jr.’s wife is #32.

Early Alphabetized Membership List

This list is not dated, but it has some dates apparently written in later. It appears to be pre-1812. There are also notations of people who were dismissed or died. Joshua Covey has ex after his name. He was excluded and later reinstated. The Egglestons include Samuel, Nathan, John and Elizabeth who were on the original list.

Avery, James
Amidon, Henry (Diss 1812)
Amidon, Lydia (Dism 1812)
Anthony, Rufus (ex)
Alport, John (ex 1812)

Babcock, John (1812)
Barteau, Jonas (ex)
Berry, Thomas (Died)
Baily, Aaron (Dism 1812-crossed out)
Baily, Daniel (Dism 1812)
Blakely, Justus (Died)
Barber, Azariah (Died)
Brown, Wyllys (D)
B.Bearss, Joshua
Benson, Deborah (Dis)
Butler, Zade Josiah (Dis)
Butler, Satira (Dis)
Burgess, Rebecca
Briggs, Rhoda
Berry, Dinah

Bracket, Anna (Dis 1812)
Berry, Thankful
Brown, Eunice
Bearss, Ruth
Brown, Lucy
Babcock, Ruth (1812)

Conklin, Samuel
Collins, William (ex)
Cody, Daniel (ese 1812)
Chandler, Joshua
Chapman, Amasa
Covey, Joshua (ex)
Clark, Eliphalet (Dis)
Church, Harrison (Dis 1812)
Church, Silas (Dis 1812)
Cotton, Willard
Chapman, Lydia
Chapman, Lydia
Chamberlain, Susanna (ex 1812)
Church, Hannah (Dis 1812)
Church, Caty (Dis 1812)

Collins, Sarah (Dis 1812)
Collins, Freelove
Clark, Rebecca (Dis)
Conklin, Betsy
Chapel, Sabra (ex?)
Chandler, Hannah

China, Lucy
Chapman, Martha
Coon, Poly
Cody, Polly
Cody, Hannah

Draper, Solomon (Dis 1812)
Draper, Martha (Dis 1812)
Deming, Chauncy (Dis 1812)
Deming, Satira (Dis 1812)

Eaglestone, Samuel
Eaglestone, Nathan
Eaglestone, John (ex?)
Eldridge, William (Ex)
Eaglestone, Elizabeth
Earll, Ann

Foster, William (in?)                      
Fitzgerald, Jeremiah
Fitzgerald, David
Freeman, Elisha (Dis)
Freeman, Hannah (Dis)
Freeman, Abagail (Dis)
Fitzgerald, Susanna
Fairbanks, Eleanor
Fitzgerald, Olive
Fairchild, Susanna (1812)
Fitzgerald, Phebe (1813)

Graham, Winthrop (Died)
Green, James (Dis 1812)
Green Sister Sarah (Dis 1812)
Green, Jareb (Dis 1812)
Gleason, Lois (Dismissed 1812)
Gibbs, Susanna (now Readway Dis 1812)
Graham, Rebecca
Gleason, Lydia

Hiscock, Dea James (1813)
Hiscock, Elizabeth (1813)
Harmon, Elias Elder
Humphrey, Joseph (in?)
Hunt, John
Hunt, Salmon
Hunt William
Hall, Elijah (in?)
Hall, Isaac
Hurd, L. Thadeus
Hurd, Ruthann
Hunt, Abigail
Harvey, Annah
Holmes, Sister (Died Sept 1813)

Harmon, Ruth
Hitchcock, Susanna
Harris, Amey (Dis)
Humphrey, Hannah
Hunt, Pearly
Hamilton, Elizabeth (Dis)
Harris, W. Peter (Dismissed 18-cros out)
Hall, wife of Isaac (Sally)
Sarah Hall (Dis 1812)

Johnson, Jedediah (Dis-crossed out)
Johnson, Cyrel (ex1812)
Johnson, Hannah (D—crossed out)
Johnson, Betsy
Jones, Polly (Dis)

King, Jonathan (Dis)
King, Thomas (en?)
Kneeland, John (Dis)
Kneeland, Amasa
Kneeland, Warren (en?)
Kirkham, James (en?)
King, Ruth
Kneeland, Sally (Dis)
Kneeland, Betsy
Kilburn, Josiah (1812)

Lewis, Ebenezer
Lewis, Lois

Manley, John (Died)
Manley, Jesse (ex?)
Manley, Wyllys
Manley, Luther
Manley, Calvin
Mills, Isaac (ex 1813)
Mingus, Daniel (ex?)
Marsh, Thomas
Eunice Manley (en 1812?)
Manley, Hannah
Manley, Polly
Manley, Sally
Mills, Polly

Mingos, Margaret

Otis, Cynthia

Packard, Eunice
Porter, Sibbel (Dis 1812)

Robbins, David

Robbins, Ephraim (Dis)
Randal, Zadock (ex?)
Richards, Charles (ex?)
Robins, Mary
Robbins, Prudence (Dis—crossed out)
Redway, Alithea (Dis 1812)
Randall, Polly
Raymond, Mariam
Raymond, Polly
Readway, Sally (Dis 1812)

Strong, Chauncy (1813)
Skeels, Simeon
Sessions, Amasa
Sessions, Sila (Died?)
Sessions, Phebe
Smith, Mary
Smith, Sally
Smith, Olive (ex?)
Saban, Sarah
Skeels, Truman
Skeels, Isaac
Thompson, Nathan
Tanner, Thomas (ex?)
Tupper, William (Died)

Tinkham, Adah
Topliff, Elizabeth
Thompson, Zipporah
Taylor, Jerusha (ex?)

Winchester, Alpheus (ex?)
Winchester, Elhanan (ex?)
Wenworth, Henry (en?)
Wealthy Winchester
Winchester, Sally (wife of El)
Winchester, Sally (ex?)
Wood, Elizabeth (died)
Wentworth, Hannah

Vanbenscouter, Sally

Newton, Abraham

I made a note that this list was inserted into the record May 21, 1828. It appears to be a list of those who were baptized at that time. Heading the list are Benjamin and Elizabeth Eggleston.

1830 Membership List

This list includes in the right column, Benjamin and Elizabeth Eggleston who would be his wife. Also near the bottom of the left column is John B. Eggleston, who was the son of Joseph Eggleston.

Deborah Austin (Cr out)
Aaron Allen
Tryphena Allen
Richard Atkins
Mary Atkins
Br. Abbott & wife (dis)
John Babcock
Jedediah Brown
Rhoda Briggs
Deborah Briggs
Harriett Buffington, (way)
Mary Benthown
Mary Bradley
Thankful Benton
[  ]Brown (Cr out)
Simon C. Baker
Phebe Burley (away)
Ammah Buns
Roxanna Baker
[  ] Chamberlain
Samuel Conklin
Phebe Conklin
Catherine Parker
Eunice Ferguson (away)
Eunice Dexter (dis)
Angeline Arnold (away)
Joseph Enos
Chloe Enos
Laura Egeston (crossed out)
Anna Earll
Ebenezer Edwards (dead)
John B. Egleston
Martha Eadie
Arnold Elzia (dis)
David Fitzgerald
John Fitzgerald
[ ]
Samuel Gale
Andrew Gale
Rebecca Gale
James Hiscock
Susanna Herwick (dis)
John Smith
Salmon Hunt
Wm Hunt
Parley Hunt
Phebe Hunt
Abagail Hunt
Thadeus Hurd
Ruth M. Hurd
Polly W. Dawn
Ammah Harvey
Charles Hyde
Eunice Hyde
Mary Carver (Dead)
Fanny Hall
Mary Jewers (away)
Rowland Hoxie
John Hoxie
Amasa Kneeland
Stephen Kellogg
Chloe Chmittee
Delilah Kingsbury
Enoch Kellogg
Harriet Lyon
Hannah Manley
Polly Manley
Betsy Manley
Typhrenea Mund
Lucinda Mc Duffer
Lois Moon (away)
Cho Mund (D?)
Anna Mund (2 d?)
Sarah Minon ( ?)
Cynthia Otis
Chloe Osborn (dis)
Hannah Peck
Amos Mumph (crosd out)
[  ]
Sarah Chapman
Benj. Redway
James Redway
Sarah Redway
Amey Rice
Clenentine Pardy
Ebenezer Sessions
Mary Sessions

Phebe Sessions
Wm Stong
Phylura Strong
Dorcas Skeels
Daniel L. Smith
Polly Smith
Josiah Smith
Lodima Smith
Sally Smith
Mary Smith (dis)
Delilah Smith (dis)
Lemuel Smith
Esther Stephens
Samuel C. Stephens
Lyman Thompson
Nancy Thompson
Sally Thompson
Clarissa Thompson
Bechay Thompson
Adie Tinkham
Sophia Lewis (away)
Deborah Vary
Arsula Vary
Hannah M. Ormon
J.D. Worden
Hannah Worden
Caroline Wallace
Wm. Pangburn
Edmond G. Weston
Constant H. Dedrick
Abagail Dedrick
Ira Rufen
Euphemia Wiltsie (way)
Lucy Smith
Amey Hunt
Charlotte Smith
Margaret Vinton
Margaret Manley
Sister Colbey
Prudence Mills
Almirah Hoxie
Polly Enos
Harriet Palmer
Lucy Taylor (away)
Eliza Fres
Benj. Egleston
Leonard Harvey
John Vary
Harman Manley
Elizabeth Egleston
Hannah Sessions
Rhoda Smith
Electa Harvey
Nancum Hunt
Hannah Amidon
Sarah Vome
Becky Mason
Samantha Coon
Nathan Chamberlain
John M. Hunt
Huldah Foote
Wm Benton
Nathaniel M. Ormom
Jm Fitzgerald
Sister Coon
Rachel Rich
Amah Harvey
Priscilla Smith
Lucy Smith 2nd
Catherine Wilkinson
Betsy Brown
Eunice Smith
M[ ]

Members in the Branch West of Skaneateles Lake

At that time Marcellus extended around the top of Skaneateles Lake and down part of the West side. This list would be members living in that area. This list appears to be in the same handwriting as the 1830 list above.

Timothy Foot
Timothy Foote, Jr
Benj Grover
Theodore Owen
Marcus Foote
Lucy Foote
Hannah Denison
Abagail Jones
Ellizabeth Smith
Mary Hall
Abagail Lymann
Polly Price
Elizabeth Price
Ababgail Baily
Phoda Scott
Eunice Jones
Ruth Foote
Anna Starr
David A. Counon
Tyrphsa Counaun
James Howard
Sally Starr
Charlotte Waterman
Hulda Howard
Mary Price
Abigail Coup
Levi Cuddeback
Debbie Hunsaker
William Slowe-away
( )Cuddeback
Lucy Foote 2nd
Eunice Briggs
Elijah Parsons Jr.
Eleazer A. Slater
Orrin Covert (ex)
Christina Westfall
Clarissa Clark
Hannah Parsons
Lyma Covert
Betsey Price
Jeneil Dewitt
Cnythia Slater
Lucas Foote

Rhoda Cuddeback
Alma Foote
Isaiah Cuddleback
Thomas Starr (died this year 1830)
Mrs. Tabitha Starr (deceased Died this year 1830)
Archebald Douglas (died this year 1830)
Mary Welch (died this year 1830)
Wm. Hoyt (dismissed)

Oct 1829 Baptised 1830
John Burgess
Perry Foote
Dolly Newbury

April 4, 1830
Abigail Price
Munich Smith
Adaline Baily

June 6 Elijah Price 1830
Phebe Count (new this year 1830)
Sylva Johnson
James Daily 1830
Catherine Daily 1830
Mary Daily 1830
Jabin William 1830
Bulah Price 1830

Wm. Stowe
Orange Gardner
Charlotte Waterman
John Buliss

Undated Lists

These two lists are on pages that have been damaged. The first is roughly alphabetical. Anna Earl died about 1842. The second damaged list includes Benjamin and Elizabeth Eggleston and Deborah Eggleston, daughter of Rebecca Eggleston and Nathaniel Earl, and wife of Winlock Eggleston.

Aaron Allen (dead)
Tryphena Allen
Phoda Briggs
Deborah Briggs
Mary Bennett
Thankful Benton
Simon C. Baker
Hannah Burns (dead)
Roxana Baker
Samuel Conklin (deceased)
Phebe Conklin (dis)
Joseph Enos (exclu)
Chloe Enos (died)
Anna Earl (died)
Samuel Gale (excluded)
[ ]elia Gale (dis)
[Rebe]cca Gale (dis)
[ ]Harvey
[Rol]and Hoxsie
[Amas]sa Kneeland (dead)
[ ] Kingsbury (di)

Harriett Lyon
Betsy Manly
Polly Manly
Hannah Peck
Polly Pangsborn (dis)
Volney Patterson
Phoda Reed
Sarah Chapman
James Redway
Sarah Redway
Nancy Rice (dis)
Clementine Pardee (D)
Ebenezer Sessions (D)
Mary Sessions
Betsy Thompson
Adie Tinkham
Caroline Wallace
William Pan[ ]
Constant[ ]
Abagail Dedri[ ]
Nancy St[ ]
Paul[ ]

Almira Hoxsie (died)
Benjamin Eggleston
Elizabeth Eagleston
Hannah Hutton
Phoda Smith
Electa Vary (Dis)
Sarah Day ( )
Wm. Benton (dead)
James Fitzgerald
Maria Burrows (d )
Sally Coon (Brooks)
Julia Wiltsie
Hannah Chandler (Dead)
Amasa Chapman (died)
[ ] Chapman
[ ]ail Jones (Dis)
[ ]il Seymour
[ ] Foot (2nd dis)
[ ] Foot (dis)
[ ] Manly

As[ ] (dis)
Luther Seymour (d)
Phebe Burns Merritt (de)
Dolly Peck
Deborah Eagleston
Hannah Enos
Wm. Benton jun
Wm. Jones (dismis)
Deborah Tinkham (E)
Chloe Smith
Mary Ann Chapman
Chloe Case
Eleazer Moffitt
Charlotte Kneeland
Sally Burns (died)

Octavia Burns
Mary Benedict (Excluded)
Julia Ann Case (dis)
Sally Redway
Orsa Redway
Iris Case (de)
Samuel Case (di)
Almeda Hayes
Clarissa Brown

List which appears to be those who left the Church

Katherine Parker (Dismiss)
Polly Van Dorn (Excluded)
Eunice Hyde (Dropped)
Wm. Strong
Philuria Strong
Polly Smith (dropped)
Lemuel Smith (Dropped)
Clarissa Carver (dropped)
Annar Strong (Dismisssed)
Nathaniel Van Ornum (Dropped)
Priscilla Smith (dropped)
Eunice Smith (Dropped)
Lydia Washburn McCally (Drop)
Betsy Strong(dropped)
Betsy Eagleston (dropped)
Henry Brower (x drop)
Phoda Scott (Dropped)
Ruth Foot (Dropped
Lucius Bostich (dropped)
Alma Foot (dropped)
Mary Welch (dropped)
Thankful Barber (dropped)
Daniel Davis Jun (x drop)
Rebecca Graham (dropped)
Deborah Vary (x drop)
Ursula Vary (x drop)
John Vary (x drop)
Phebe Brown (dismissed)
Betsy Van Dorn (dismissed
Sister Church (dropped)
Ellen Kneeland Tracy (Dis)
Betsy Smith (x drop)
George Smith (x drop)
Samuel Welch (x drop)
[ ] Welch (x drop)

Adaline Mason (dropped)
Caleb Johnson (x drop)
Fanny Hyde (x drop)
Rhoda Ferry (x drop)
Mary Ann Hyde (x drop)
Sophronia Hall
Daniel L. Smith (x drop)
Artimisa Halstead
Ruth Price (dropped)
Julia Day
Sally McIntosh (x drop)
Hiram Mills (exclud)
Samuel Yates (dis)
Charles Belknap (dis )
Freelove Davis (dis)
Wm. Buffington (drop)
John Swartout (Dis)
Charles Swartout (Dis)

Amos Alsdorf (Dis)
Daniel Barber (dropped)
Hannah Barber (dropped)
Malinda Woodard (dropped)
Miriam Raymond (dropped)
Reuben C. Parker (dismissed)
Sally Belknap (dropped)
Harriet Keep
45 Dropped

This list has Betsy Eggleston with dropped. This could refer to Samuel’s wife who was dismissed with a letter of recommendation in 1817 when they moved. There were other Elizabeth/Betsy Egglestons also, but she is one who left.

1849 Membership List

This list is titled: List of names of the members of the first Baptist Church in Marcellus, revised Sept 11, 1849:

Tyrphena Allen
Rhoda Briggs
Deborah Briggs
Mary Bennett
Thankful Benton
Simon C. Baker (excluded)
Roxana Baker (excluded)
Anna Harvey
R. R. Hoxsie
Betsy Manley
Polly Manley
Hannah Peck
Volney Paterson (dis)
Rhoda Reed
Sarah Chapman (died)
James Redway
Sarah Redway (died)
Betsey Thompson (dis)
Adah Tinkham
Caroline Wallace
Constant H. Dedrick
Abigail Dedrick
Nancy Stebbins
Margaret Skeels
Prudence Mills
Benjamin Eggleston
Elizabeth Eggleston
Hannah Hutton
Rhoda Smith
Jane Firzgerald
Sally Brooks ( dis)
Julia Wiltsie
Willis Manley (died)
Dolly Peck
Deborah Eggleston
William Benton Jr.
Chloe Smith
Mary Ann Chapman (dis)
Charlotte Kneeland
Octava Potter

Orsa Redway (dismis)
Susan Mc Duffe
Sally Harvey
Adeline Harvey
Minerva P. Vandenburgh (dis)
Elsey Dixson
William Hayford
Asenath Hayford
Harvey Fitzgerald
Jerusha Fitzgerald
Leonard Eggleston
Mary Ann Northrup

Caroline Olmsted
Sally Howe
Jared Smith
Caroline Clark
Lucy Hoxsie
Mary M. Putnam
Warren Doolittle
Ruth Doolittle
Oscar E. Moseley (dismissed0
Henry Bodley (Excl)

Mary Ann Bodley
Cornelia Bodley
Waity Ann Bodley
Betsey Mason
George R. Watson
Rebecca Watson (died)
Anna Mason
Sally Smith (dis)
Phebe Chafe
Isabel Harvey
Phebe Mills
Amasa P. Clark
Lydia Clark
Truman Skeels
Isaac Case
Polly Case
William Coon
Mary Jane Manley
Charles A. Calkins
Diana Calkins
Stephen Vanderburgh
Maria Vanderburgh

These lists include Eggleston members of later generations. Mary E. Vanderburgh and Rebecca Wycoff were daughters of Benjamin Eggleston. Leonard Eggleston is likely the son of Nathan and Laura Eggleston.

Anna Mc Garff (dismissed)
Sally Harvey
Adeline Harvey
Minerva Vanderburgh (dismissed)
Lydia Hyde (dismissed)
Elsy Dixson
Wilham Heyword
Asenath Hayword
Leonard Harvy (dis)
Harvy Fitzgerald
Jerusha Fitzgerald
Leonard Eggleston
Mary Ann Brown
Mary Ann Stebbbins
Cornelia Harvy (dis)
Leland Howe (excluded)
July A. Adams (dis)
Julyette Stebbins Twogood (dis)
Priscilla Pangburn (Risiter)
Caroline Olmstead
Delilah Pangbutn (Rositer) (dis)
Sally Howe
Jared Smith
Caroline Clark

Lucy Hoxie
Mary M. Putman
Warren Doolittle
Ruth Doolittle
Oscar E. Moseley
Anzolette C. Mosely (died)
George N. Harris (dis)
Weighty Ann Bodley
Mary Ann Bodley
Henry Bodley
Cornelia Bodley
Amanda A. Jenks
Betsy Mason
George R. Watson
Rebecca Watson (died)
Eleanor Fairbanks (excluded)
Rebecca Wycuff (dis)
Charity Colton (exclu)
Anna Mason
Sally Smith
Elizabeth Warner (dis)
Phebe Chaffee
Isabel Harvey

Phebe Mills                                           
Amasa P. Clark
Lydia Clark
Truman Skeels
Isaac Case
Polly Case
Wm Coon
Mary Jane Manley
Charles A. calkins
Diana Calkins
Stephen Vanderburgh
Maria Vanderburgh
Ann Vanderburgh Chapman
Melvina Pangborn
Asenath Case
Susan Patterson
Sarah Ann Benton Kenyon (Benton crossed out)
John H. Vanderburgh (dis)
Stephen A. Vanderburgh
Elizabeth Patten
Chloe Powers
Abram Newville
Elmera Newville
Harriet R. Benedict
Mary E. Vanderburgh
Mary P. Benton
Caleb Sheldon
Lillis Sheldon
Sarah Manly (excluded)
Seth Hayford
Elizabeth Calkins
Jane A. Kneeland
Elisha Olmsted
Harriet Olmsted
Larua H. Jenks (dis)
Jane Force
Catharine Sheldon
Phebe Morse
Zervia Monk
Eld. Thomas Brown (dis)
Lurancy Brown
Mariah Caruthers
A. R. Palmer (dismisd)
Elizabeth H. Palmer (dismissd)


I did my best to transcribe these names, some of which were rather hard to read. Please let me know of obvious errors. I would also love to know anything other know about these people. I have become familiar with many of them through my research in the area, but even recently found new connections. I am sure there are many more.

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